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Who Is Flex?

Flex Metrics has been providing Real-Time Production Visibility technology for the Print, Packaging, & Discrete Manufacturing industries for almost 20 years. Our toolset is designed by Production Experts for Production Experts to capture and highlight reliable comprehensive information in an easy to digest format.  Flex Increases Visibility, Decreases Costs, and Engages your Workforce.

Why Use Flex?

Real-Time Monitoring


Flex allows operations to understand exactly how they are doing when they are doing it.  One of the biggest trends in production environments is not having enough time because you are so busy reacting or recovering from the latest big problem.   With Flex, those days are over.  By giving your shop floor Real-Time Visibility, it allows your entire operation to organically respond to issues or trends as they are happening rather than exhaust the resources of recovering from issues or trends after they have done their damage...


Real-Time Monitoring icon

Automatic Data Collection


Connect Flex to a machine and no matter the unit of measure, you can rest assured that Flex is tracking it.  Cut the cost and time of having your shop floor manually track performance and/or your back office keying the data into your system.  Flex is so easy to install, you can set it up and forget that Flex is in the background not just measuring, but translating your production to tell a story of how you did, are doing, or are on pace to do...    


Auto-Data Collection

Accurate Performance Data


Every operation knows, as long as data collection depends on humans, it is unreliable.  And without accurate data, you can never truly be confident in knowing how your operation is running.  Flex gives you the power of information and allows you to calibrate your understanding of reality so you can make decisions, set standards, plan for the future, etc...


Accurate Performance Data Icon

Waste Detection


Waste comes in many different forms on the shop floor and Flex helps shine a light on nearly all of them.  Connecting Flex to a gross count point for a machine allows you to see basic uptime, downtime, changeovers, speed and much more.  Operator and Job metrics magnify exactly where your time and resource waste is occurring.  Without breaking a sweat, you can add a throughput count or integrated scales and see true live material waste calculations as well...


Waste Detection Icon

Operator Engagement


Managers can't be everywhere at all times encouraging operators to keep up the great work or highlight areas for improvement.  Flex can be.  Flex is designed with visual factory methodologies in mind.  Operations use Flex to not just track performance, but to speak a common language across an organization to measure success at the operator station, or across the shop floor...


Operator Engagement

Live Alert Notifications


Don't want to keep monitoring your Flex dashboards to know what's happening?  No problem.  You can configure Flex to notify you when you want to be notified.  For example, after Flex helps you understand that the average changeover time for a certain machine is 22 minutes, you can configure Flex to text your Area Supervisor when a changeover takes over 30 minutes on that machine.  Or, maybe you're a Production Manager and want to be notified when a line encounters an unscheduled downtime over 10 minutes long.  The possibilities are endless and keep you involved whether you're at the plant or not...


Live Alert Notifications Icon

Performance Rating Metrics


Flex has a wide array of pre-configured dashboards to provide performance visibility from whatever direction you prefer.  At the forefront, Flex makes simple Uptime, Speed, and Yield data easy to see and use.  Add Targets to give operators a living Flex score that rates their planned vs. actual performance...


Performance Rating Metrics

Shop-Floor Consolidation


By connecting DMIs to your machines, Flex gives a facility or an enterprise the ability to take an entire operation and put it all in one line of sight interface.  Production environments no longer have to settle for "out of sight, out of mind".  A single Area Status Page screen showing every connected station and their live operating state gives a full shop floor view in an instant...


Shop-Floor Consolidation Icon

Advanced Reporting Capabilities


Beyond the pre-configured dashboards, Flex has a multitude of configurable reporting options and raw export tools that allow your operation to disaggregate Flex data as simple or complex as you see fit...


Advanced Reporting Capabilities Icon

Don't just take our word for it...

  • Cenveo
    There’s a micro and a macro level for Flex. I can compare numbers within one plant, or compare one whole plant with another.
  • Command Webb
    The real story is in the downtime. Flex offered us a straightforward approach to really understanding it.
    —Command Webb
  • Marking Systems Inc.
    Flex Metrics is one of the best companies I've worked with. Their product is really top notch on its own, but that's just half of it. Every time I interact with anyone at Flex Metrics I feel like I am working with someone really intelligent. There has not been one thing that I have brought up or discussed with them that was not understood or seriously considered.
    —Marking Systems Inc.
  • Polímeros y Tecnología, S.A.
    Flex gives us, in a very clear way: the proactive tools to tell us what is happening in the press room at the very moment it happens; and tools to allow us to build the dashboards we need to analyze and make decisions or investments in a savvy way. 
    —Polímeros y Tecnología, S.A.
  • Sheridan Books
    Flex drives continuous improvement opportunities within our entire organization.
    —Sheridan Books