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Flex is a Real-Time Production Visibility tool-set that has evolved over the last 20 years primarily due to the direction and feedback of Flex users.  Flex continues to honor client driven development which has allowed Flex to become the easiest, most effective, best-in-class solution on the market.  Being a solution created for Production Experts, by Production Experts has enabled Flex to develop the most accurate data collection tools operations need to connect entire organizations at the lowest possible cost of implementation.

Flex IntegrationFlex Integration

In the true spirit of automating your data collection needs, Flex provides easy open integration functionality that allows you to not only set up automated job imports, but also automated job data exports for you to use to your job costing delight.   Flex gives you best in class Real-Time Production Visibility and Shop Floor Data Collection while still allowing you to use the ERP, MIS, Scheduler, etc. that you want.  Click Learn More to find out more details...


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