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Our Solution

Flex is a Real-Time Production Visibility tool-set that has evolved over the last 20 years primarily due to the direction and feedback of Flex users.  Flex continues to honor client driven development which has allowed Flex to become the easiest, most effective, best-in-class solution on the market.  Being a solution created for Production Experts, by Production Experts has enabled Flex to develop the most accurate data collection tools operations need to connect entire organizations at the lowest possible cost of implementation.

Flex Cycle

Flex Cycle

Flex creates organic improvement for an operation with little to no effort other than connecting it to your shop floor and providing access to your team.  Flex customers have actually developed the Flex Cycle concept based on the simple impact of creating visibility to accurate and reliable production data.  This visibility creates natural awareness.  There's an old saying that you can't manage what you don't measure.  Inversely, we have identified that the mere act of measuring inspires management, which leads to identifying weaknesses, reacting with correction, generating improvements, and in turn, raising the expectations.  


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