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Flex is a Real-Time Production Visibility tool-set that has evolved over the last 20 years primarily due to the direction and feedback of Flex users.  Flex continues to honor client driven development which has allowed Flex to become the easiest, most effective, best-in-class solution on the market.  Being a solution created for Production Experts, by Production Experts has enabled Flex to develop the most accurate data collection tools operations need to connect entire organizations at the lowest possible cost of implementation.

Flex Connection

Flex Connection

Connecting Flex is a snap, literally.  Our Flex Experts pre-configure your turnkey Flex package to meet your needs and walk your team through unpacking and connecting your brand new Flex data collection solution.  Once all components are connected, we certify data collection, connect the data feed to the Manager/Enterprise portal, and then standby and watch the data roll in.  Flex installation packages typically include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Flex Site Appliance: A pre-configured, Flex managed, site server serving as the data collection hub for Flex
  • Direct Machine Interface devices (DMIs): Flex devices connecting up to 4 machines per device to the Flex Site Appliance
  • Sensors: We can leverage existing sensors/pulses or package them with the solution, whatever is easiest
  • Stack Lights, Scales, and Other Auxiliary Hardware that optimizes your Real-Time Production Visibility solution

We commonly provide Site Assessment consultations during the sales process to help identify the easiest and most valuable solution designs.


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