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From high-speed web presses to perfect binders to casing-in lines to digital presses, Flex is a market leader within the North American book manufacturing market.   Flex provides real-time insights on critical production issues such as Signature Balance across binding pockets and Makeready Waste by different Makeready types, from “follow-on” similar configurations to “original” Makereadies.  Flex Count Control is ideal for short-run book manufacturing to minimize Over-Production waste across forms to within 10 Signatures of Target Press Count.
From Offset printing presses to digital presses to stitchers and polybaggers, Flex provides the real-time feedback necessary to identify common sources of waste within the periodical market.  Like Book Printing, publication printers have tremendous opportunities to cut their paper waste just by using the Flex-DMI to achieve “Signature Balance” across forms.
Flex monitoring is ideal for both high-speed web presses and inserters.  The complexity of shorter runs of more advertising Versions across more market Zones continues to challenge newspaper printers in today’s market.  Without the accuracy of Flex DMI Metrics, it is difficult if not impossible to quantify the impact of advertisers’ choices to customize versions on various paper types.
Flex addresses the complexity of Sheet-fed offset printing.   Inventory tracking of sheeted stock is far more accurate using the Flex Direct-Machine-Interface technology.  Reuse or Makeready sheets can be deducted from the Gross Sheet Count to provide an accurate count of ‘White Stock’ sheets consumed from inventory.  In addition to digital and offset presses, Flex is utilized on a wide range of machines in commercial print, from laminators to die-cutters, to laminators, to cutters.
Flex has years of experience in plants running off-set sheet fed presses such as Heidelberg, Komori, and Manroland.  Flex provides an ideal measuring system to monitor the flow of materials from sheeters, presses, die-cutters, and glue-lines.