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A growing number of Flexo Printers are realizing the benefits of automated data collection using the award winning Flex Platform.  Flex is configurable to count in Feet per Min (FPM) or Counts per Hour (CPH).  Visibility on Uptime and Speed, typically the two most significant drivers of Overall-Equipment-Effectiveness (OEE) can be easily automated by mounting a simple Contact Wheel on the press.  Flex utilizes a scale interface to automatically deduct the initial setup waste at the start of a new roll.  Upstream extruders or downstream converters can easily be added to the Flex Platform for real-time monitoring across the entire manufacturing operation. 
Flex is ideal for monitoring the type of high-volume, high-speed discrete manufacturing typically found in Package Fulfillment and Contract Packaging.  Flex Metrics utilizes a range of sensor technologies that can easily snap onto existing equipment to automate visibility on Uptime, Speed, and Yield of the lines.   Pallet Tags can be automatically printed from Flex to further validate Good Count per production run.  
Flex provides easy visibility across the converting process. Flex can be configured to count either converted finished units sold to the customer or raw Feet (or Meters) converted from the printed roll. Most importantly, Flex makes it easy to see which Operators, Shifts, Customers, Work-mix run best through the converting process. Higher throughput rates equate to higher contribution per hour to the P&L and ultimately to the Balance Sheet. Finding the winners and losers is easy with Flex Metrics.