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If it can be measured, it can be managed, and we can provide you the visibility and the information to understand exactly how you are running.  Though we have built our expertise in Print and Packaging, any matter of discrete manufacturing has and can see the benefit Real Time Production Visibility from Flex.  Skeptical?  Let us prove it to you.  Click the Demo button in the top right corner and we can supply you a list of other customers outside of Print and Packaging who are using Flex and we can set up a trial to make sure Flex will provide you the value you need.
We have customers using Flex for large scale Paper Converting to make sure that when they hang a roll on a machine, they know exactly where the time is going to convert that roll into sheets.  Whether you measure in tonage or linear foot, we can provide a solution that helps you reduce your costs and have better visibility on how your operators are performing and tell you how close you are to your waste allowance for a particular job/customer.
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Bottling, baking, canning, frozen foods, etc.  No food and beverage operations are exactly the same and all food and beverage needs monitoring.  In a world where quality means everything, weighing the total cost of quality is a big deal.  That's where Flex comes in.  Lay Flex over your entire shop floor and start speaking a common language, efficiency.  Flex helps food and beverage operations monitor exactly how well they are doing and better plan for the future.
Flex is very familiar with the automotive industry.  Very complex and automated processes still need universal monitoring to understand what areas are pushing skids through, where skids are getting backed up, and how many units are we rolling out the door.  We at Flex are familiar with all of the components you need to run a full fledged auto manufacturing operation.  Contact us to discuss our experience and how we tie in to the bigger picture in an automotive environment.